Labelling equipment with unrivalled precision, speed and performance.

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Top quality
labelling equipment
100% made in Denmark.

We work with our customers to design, develop and manufacture the exact machine each individual customer needs.

The components we use in our projects are always top quality – whether specially made in our own machine works or externally sourced.

Our equipment is often included in large-scale packing lines, where we team up with the other suppliers to ensure the best solutions possible, also in terms of IT and components such as motors, gears and sensors.

In addition to the need for applying labels, many of our customers also need equipment for printing dates, graphics, barcodes, lot numbers, lists of ingredients and other details on their products and packaging.

This is why we also distribute a range of quality printers and software products to meet technological and labelling needs.

We also stock a wide selection of consumables, enabling us to supply just the right printing foil, ink, etc., at any time.

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User-friendly labelling solutions.

Printer or combined printer and label dispenser

User-friendly labelling solutions for small-scale production processes or major industries alike – at affordable prices.

Depending on the type of data you want to print and your product surface, we can provide various solutions that either print on or apply a printed label to your items.

No one solution is better than another, because the particulars of each task determine the most appropriate technology to recommend.

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We have
what you need!

We have a comprehensive selection of films, foils, ink, type sorts and spare parts for your labelling equipment. Everything from thermal transfer foil, heat-stamping foil, inkjet ink, to type sorts and printing blocks. We also stock a wide range of printer and labelling equipment spares.

In brief, we have transfer ribbons for just about everything and spare parts for most of our products – and we dispatch goods every day.

Contact us so we can advise you and ensure that your inventory is aligned with your production process.

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Individual solutions.

Customised labelling.







What customers say.

Swedish Match Denmark.

Elmoprint has become a seriously major player for Swedish Match Denmark.

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Elmoprint understands our needs and conceives solutions for us.

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Labelling & printing.


Individualised equipment.

Our range of equipment enables you to choose whether the label should be applied to the top, bottom, side or around an item, and whether you want to print data on the label.


Combined standard solution.

Print/apply equipment gives you a solution that meets the most basic needs for applying a label printed with product details.



A printer or hot stamping machine enables you to print details like the date, lot number or list of ingredients on your label or directly on your product.

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