Round cans.

Labelling line for round cans.

Wrap-around labelling solution for four heights of round cans.

Customer needs:

The customer’s existing system applied labels using hot glue before dispensing. During line stoppages, there was a risk of fluid glue sticking in undesirable places. This meant spending a lot of time cleaning the equipment. 

We met the customer at an exhibition where a sizeable delegation was looking for a solution that could process self-adhesive labels. They sized up their options and returned to us. They could see how our equipment was more sturdily constructed than that of our competitors. In addition, they were interested in our technical solutions with servomotors, high repeatability and high capacity.

Initially, the customer wanted one line that could process a large volume of round cans at four different heights and could run a three-shift production line with maximum uptime.

The solution:

We designed a wrap-around labelling machine. The machine handles the four different can heights by having replaceable side belts and it labels 200 cans a minute.

The solution is designed with side belts that serve as queue monitors and separators, an Elmoprint SDA dispenser, and yet another set of side belts that rotate each can immediately after the leading edge of the label has been applied to it. Both the conveyor belt and side belts are frequency controlled and can be perfectly synchronised with the servo-dispenser on an HMI touchscreen.

We have subsequently delivered three more lines of this type to the customer, along with one line for labelling very large cans and one for square cans.

Click  her for an introduction to Elmoprint SDA dispensers.

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