Mustard jar.

Fully automatic unit that automatically changes over to three differently shaped jars and dispenses three labels.

The solution applies two side labels to equilateral and conical jars and includes the application of a tamper-evident seal on the lid.

Customer needs:

The customer was experiencing a high degree of waste and spent a long time on changing over from one type of jar to another.

They wanted a new line that could manage three different round jars, and they wanted a solution that could run a three-shift production process with high repeatability and a low margin of error.

The Solution:

We designed a machine for wrap-around labelling on the front and back of the jars, including a tamper-evident label/seal extending from the lid down the side of the jar.

The line starts by securing correct spacing between the jars, and a photo cell checks for product congestion on the subsequent section of the production line.

The round jars pass the top dispenser which applies the labels. Immediately afterwards a brush smooths the label firmly in place down the jar.

Next, the jars pass the front and back label dispensers and, while a top belt holds onto the jars, the labels are applied precisely to the front and back.

Motorised sponge rollers make sure that the labels are firmly attached to the jars.

For the production of equilateral jars, one of the side dispensers is deactivated and the applicator sponges are placed in a holder until they need to be used again for the round jars. The top belt is raised to install the two motorised side belts. A fast and simple changeover between jar types – and the recipes take care of the rest.

The side dispenser and side belt synchronise the speed and take care of rotating the jars while labels are being wrapped around the entire jar.

The orientation of the jars can be defined if the customer wants the jars to be facing in a specific direction after the labelling process is completed.

Conical jars with front and back labels are processed in the same way as the round equilateral jars, except that the dispensers are tilted rearwards at a slight angle.

The solution is constructed of Elmoprint SDA dispensers and is fully automatic. This means that the dispensers’ settings and adjustments are adjusted automatically. The adjustment of up/down, out/in and the angle is controlled by motors, and the side and top belts are also adjusted automatically when the customer selects which recipe to use on the machine’s HMI.

The machine labels 160 jars/minute.

Click her for an introduction to Elmoprint SDA dispensers.

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