High-output labelling of cylindrical products.

Our wrap-around dispensers apply self-adhesive labels around cylindrical items such as bottles, cups, jars, buckets, cans and drums.

There are several different ways to process an item while it is being labelled: side rotation, star wheel or triple rollers.

The common feature of all solutions is that they are configured to meet Elmoprint’s stable, heavy-duty quality requirements and withstand round-the-clock use.

All solutions are driven by servomotors that, together with our precision motion controller, places the labels with an accuracy of 2/100th of a millimetre.

All belt speeds and dispenser settings can be controlled from a control panel and settings are saved as recipes for rapid change-over.

We do not promote one technology over another, because we recommend using the method that creates the best result in relation to the nature of the task.

This means that we advise you – while identifying and defining the requirements for the machine at the same time. We take account of our customer preferences for precision, speed and output and whether it must be possible to adjust the unit for a variety of label sizes and/or product dimensions and shapes.

Dispenser advantages

  • Stable and reliable, even in harsh manufacturing environments (IP66 rating)
  • Touchscreen for which all user settings are set and saved as recipes
  • Two servomotors can be mounted for electronically adjustable web tension for plastic labels. This maintains constant tension on the label roll while taking account of the fact that the backing paper can give way during rapid acceleration
  • Simple to operate during format changeover and it manages 99 recipes
  • Maximises uptime
  • Guarantees high capacity and unparalleled precision
  • The equipment handles semi-automatic and fully automatic labelling feed-in so regardless of whether your products are manually placed (such as on a rotary table) or fed onto the belt from a filling machine, the equipment receives the starting signals it needs

If you need to be able to replace a label roll while the line keeps running, you can choose a master/backup solution fitted with two identical dispensers. While the roller is being replaced on one dispenser, the other takes over the labelling process.

There are other benefits of having a backup dispenser, because it can ensure that labels are applied to all products, if it detects a label is missing on the label web, for instance. By having fluorescent material in the labels and a luminescence sensor mounted on the machine, the secondary dispenser will apply labels to any items that might have been skipped by the master dispenser.

You can read much more about the dispenser’s configuration, specifications and capabilities here.

You can see some of wrap-around solutions we have manufactured below. We hope they will inspire you – and if you want your product to be labelled on top and bottom as well, these dispensers can easily be supplemented with additional dispensers and printers.

Triple roller.

If your output is low to medium, and you want razor-sharp label placement.

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Side rotation.

Lightning speed with medium precise label placement.

Read more


When high output and high precision are needed.

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