Thermal transfer printers.

Inline printers for printing directly on stretch wrap or label webs.

No matter if you want to print dates, barcodes, batch numbers, logos, graphics or lists of ingredients, you get high print quality, low costs and digital online labelling.

Thermal transfer prints are an ideal option for printing relevant information on your product. Just about the only limit is your imagination (and the space available, of course).

You enter a design in the printer and insert a roll of thermal transfer film.

The print head is made up of a series of semi-conductors that – when energised with electrical current – become instantly hot (and cool again), thereby transferring ink from the thermal transfer film to the stretch wrap or labels to form prints.

Before selecting a solution, we advise you to consider a few factors:

  • What type of material are you printing on?
  • Do you need to print directly on your product, bag, label, parcel, box or pallet?
  • Do the products always have the same shape or can they vary in size?
  • How fast do you want to print?
  • How big of a printed area do you need?
  • What print quality do you prefer?
  • Must the printer work together with your production line and be integrated into a packing or labelling machine?
  • Do you want the same printer to print multiple designs?
  • How would you describe your production environment? Wet, dirty, cold, dusty or clean-room?
  • Does your stretch wrap run intermittently or continuously?
  • Do you need to have more than one printer in your production line, e.g. one for the product, one for the carton, one for the box and one for the pallet?

We distribute a variety of printer makes and models in various price classes – and because of their different characteristics, we can definitely find a solution that will match your production process.

ICE Kestrel.

Compact 32 mm printer for small labelling tasks on stretch wrap and labels.

An ideal choice if you want to replace your hot-stamp coder with a digital solution that is economical and easy to operate.

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ICE Zodiac Falcon.

Modern, versatile, 32 mm or 53 mm printer for most labelling and stretch wrap tasks.

The printer operates without using compressed air and it checks its own prints. It excels in most labelling tasks because it prints on stretch wrap, bags and labels.

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ICE Zodiac Hawk.

Modern, high-speed 53 mm printer for high-capacity production processes that checks its own prints.

Hawk is an ideal solution if you’re aiming for high performance, good, stable quality and low operating costs. The printer runs without compressed air.

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ICE Zodiac Eagle.

Thermal transfer printer for big high-speed print jobs of up to 107 mm x 300 mm.

The printer runs without compressed air. Eagle is a modern, flexible and reliable printer with printing widths of up to 107 mm.

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Valentin DPM IV.

Thermal transfer printer for large print jobs and cross-web print jobs.

It has a built-in film-saving function and can repeat prints in columns across the film web, and it is ideal for printing on labels and bags.

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