We are proud of our machines – and we would be delighted to show them to you.

You’re welcome to come and see us – at our physical and online showrooms.

We have equipment in our showrooms at all times, so you can drop by to see the basic functions of an Elmoprint SDA dispenser.

Given that our entire range of machinery is designed, configured and individually manufactured for specific tasks/customers, however, we are unable to demonstrate all of the interesting, spectacular and user-friendly solutions we are able to offer.

For this reason, our primary showroom is online, and we hope you’ll want to click through to examine some of our projects.

Several of our customers offer to let us to drop by with visitors if someone wants to see the equipment in its natural production setting.

Snuff tins.

Quality machine with extreme accuracy.

Lightning-fast dispensing of printed top, bottom and side labels, as well as the rejection of tins with incorrectly attached lids. Supplies 130 tins per minute.

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Mustard jar.

Two labels on the side of equilateral and conical jars.

Fully automatic changeover to three differently shaped jars and the dispensing of three labels. It works 24/7, has high repeatability and a low margin of error.

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Jam jars.

Master/backup solution that dispenses a top label and two side labels on 240 jars per minute.

The system operates 24/7 and works at high capacity: few stops and a high degree of certainty that all jars are labelled.

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Face shield.

Rotary worktable system with dispensers and elastic welding that produces 30 face shields per minute.

Rotary worktable solution that dispenses labels and a foam pad and attaches an elastic band to the shield.

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Cold cuts folder.

Simultaneous processing of four cold-cut packs that are folded twice and affixed with two labels.

A system machine that folds cold-cut packs and dispenses two labels, one of which is printed with production data.

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Round cans.

Wrap-around labelling of four different heights of round cans. Processes 200 cans per minute.

Conveyor and side belts are frequency controlled and can be perfectly synchronised with the servo-dispenser on an HMI touchscreen.

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200 liter barrels.

Wrap-around 200 liter barrels.

The unit dispenses 2 labels which are oriented in relation to the barrel's filler spout.

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What customers say.

Swedish Match Denmark.

Elmoprint has become a seriously major player for Swedish Match Denmark.

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