Top, bottom and/or side of the item.

Labelling on the top, side or bottom of your product – or a combination of these options.

The top/side/bottom labelling unit applies self-adhesive labels to items like boxes, cups, trays, jars, bottles and cans.

Our top/side/bottom labelling unit applies labels to items like boxes, cups, trays, jars, bottles and cans.

The unit ensures that labels are applied with exceptional precision – and at an impressive speed.

The solution is constructed to meet Elmoprint’s quality requirements for stability and sturdiness, and withstands round-the-clock use.

It is driven by servomotors that work together with our precision motion controller to position labels within an accuracy of 2/100th of a millimetre.

All belt speeds and dispenser settings are controlled from a control panel and the settings are saved as recipes for rapid change-over.

You can read much more about the dispenser’s configuration, specifications and capabilities here.

No matter if your product needs to be labelled on the side(s), front, back, top, bottom or be wrapped around, our machine manages the tasks – it’s just a question of how many dispensers need to be mounted on the line. Just how an item is handled and just how the actual labels are dispensed will depend on where the label is to be placed.

We offer advice while you identify and define the requirements for the machine. We take account of customer preferences for precision, speed and output and whether it must be possible adjust the unit for a variety of label sizes and/or product dimensions and shapes.

You can see some of solutions we have manufactured below. We hope they will inspire you.

Top and bottom.

Two conveyor belts and two dispensers apply labels precisely on both the top and bottom of your item. The solution is IP66 rated and works round the clock.

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Manages settings for up to 99 different recipes if you run multiple types of products or brands on the dispenser.

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A sensor scans the items so that labels are accurately placed with high precision on the bottom of the items – and does so at lightning speed.

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The frequency-controlled conveyor belt feeds the item up to the label dispenser and the belt can be supplemented with guide units.

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