Who we are.

Our passion for our business, our customers and fields of expertise is palpable in the workplace of every single employee, and together we have amassed more than 300 years of experience and a high level of average seniority.

Welcome to Elmoprint.

We are based in Holbæk and behind our rather modest facade you will encounter adept, dedicated, nerdy and creative professionals and technicians driven by inquisitiveness and excellent craftsmanship. You will also see machinery being manufactured, installed and tested, lightning-speed printers and precise application of labels at a speed that is faster than the eye can keep up with.

For decades we have been pioneers and leaders in the manufacture of quality machinery for printing, stamping and labelling, and we are an important player in the sector.

Our core competencies.

We have always been a leader in the area of hot-stamping, which is ideal for fast and budget-friendly quality print jobs; you will probably recognise the containers of Hansen’s Ice Cream with their elegant retro look. Today, this is our smallest niche segment, and we are no longer known as just the “hot-stamping experts” – far from it!

We are a machinery manufacturer that draws, designs, builds and installs modern printing solutions and labelling equipment from scratch, so you can count on a high degree of operational reliability in your production process, and you will get the exact machine you need – nothing more and nothing less.

In addition to the mechanical components we manufacture at our machinery shop, we use only quality components in our projects. This means your equipment can run round the clock, and we proved our worth long ago at many major companies that can’t afford to have idle production lines.

We build the equipment to be extra robust, and the machines are IP66 rated, i.e. both dustproof and waterproof, and if your production process changes, we add to the equipment within a very short transition time. When your equipment is included in a bigger packing line, we team up with other suppliers to ensure the best solutions possible, also in terms of IT and components such as motors, gears and sensors.

Besides the need to apply labels, many customers are also looking for equipment that prints dates, graphics, barcodes, batch numbers, lists of ingredients, or other data on their products and packaging.

This is why we are distributors of a series of quality printers and software products to meet technological and labelling needs – and we take care of integrating the equipment into your production process.

We also stock a wide selection of consumables so we are ready to provide the right print film or ink at all times.

You probably know our products.

You have probably bought a product that was processed by our equipment. Perhaps you were pleased that the cold-cuts pack could be resealed so the ham doesn’t dry out, or that the wet wipes stay wet because they are in resealable packaging. These ingenious products and modern solutions arise from our inventiveness.

Whenever you buy products from companies such as Danish Crown, Orkla Foods, Swedish Match, Spangsberg, Lakrids by Bülow, Prinzen Rollen and Arla, it is quite likely that our equipment printed the list of ingredients, production date or batch number. The same is true of a wide range of pharmaceutical products, such as testing swabs and face shields used during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are dedicated.

We deal with our challenges head on and we are happy to help our customers with major or minor tasks alike – and in every instance by providing the same high level of traditional services and taking a professional approach to the tasks.

Ready for a professional partnership?

Would you like to discuss your options for ensuring quality labelling for your products? Then send us your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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