Inkjet printers.

You can label your products quickly and easily – even if the substrate is difficult to print on. Inkjet technology makes it possible to print information directly onto your product, even on uneven, smooth, small or uniquely shaped surfaces, such as bags, eggs, blister packs, cables, tubes, cups and jars.

The printer prints in ink that is injected onto the product at high speed.

We provide different types of inkjet printers to meet different needs. Some have low operating costs for large-batch production, and there are also printers that are ideal for small batch productions or if you prefer minimum maintenance.

We provide both handheld models and models for being mounted in a production line, and all models print texts, dates, times, batch codes, barcodes, graphics and logos.

The solution is good for your operating economy due to the long ink mileage.

Koenig & Bauer alphaJET.

It is uncompromising. It is reliable - and it achieves the lowest consumption on the market.

alphaJET is designed for easy use - and high reliability for increased uptime.

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ICE Viper+.

Inkjet printer with compact installation dimensions and 1–4 print heads offering high resolution up to 600 dpi.

You can create interesting, individual prints because the print heads can work stacked, merged or individually – with unrivalled print quality.

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edding in-line 12 & 25.

Elegant, user-friendly inkjet printer of good European quality. Touchscreen and multiple connectivity options.

Compact, user friendly, high-quality printer – with different print areas and resolutions. Available in two sizes with either a 12.7 mm or 25 mm print head.

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edding portable 12 & 25.

Handheld quality printer with battery for quick and easy labelling of boxes, pallets, sacks, etc.

Available in two sizes with either a 12.7 mm or 25 mm print head. No matter if you choose a portable 12 or 25, you get a portable printer that is easy to use.

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Citronix ci5000 series.

A reliable, continuous, proficient and user-friendly inkjet printer with high output.

Citronix is ideal for fixed, variable and merged texts, dates and real-time marking, and it can also print barcodes and graphics.

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