About us.

Your challenges – our solutions.

This is where you find information about us, our areas of expertise, our history and other information about our services and terms and conditions.

Who we are.

Our passion for our business, our customers and our fields of expertise is palpable in our workplace!

We are based in Holbæk and behind our rather modest facade you will encounter adept, dedicated, nerdy and creative professionals and technicians driven by inquisitiveness and excellent craftsmanship.

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Our history.

We keep up with the times, and our equipment lasts. Our back catalogue in the industry already goes back more than fifty years.

We are quite proud of this and take pride in upholding our traditional values, craftsmanship and level of service, while keeping up with trends and being a leader in terms of the latest technologies.

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We are enthusiastic, loyal and technically proficient.

Although everyone has his/her own areas of responsibility, we help one another to achieve the best results.

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Job vacancies.

Looking for a new job?

Check whether we have any job vacancies or please feel welcome submit an unsolicited application if your skill-sets could strengthen our business.

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Corporate Social Responsibility.

We take social responsibility seriously and we want to be an attractive workplace and business partner.

We integrate social, environmental and ethical considerations into our business activities.

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Terms and conditions of sales and financing.

We are flexible so it makes no difference to us whether you wish to buy, rent or lease the equipment.

Select the financing solution that best matches your financial options.

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Ready for a professional partnership?

Would you like to discuss your options for ensuring quality labelling for your products? Then send us your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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