Face shield.

Rotary worktable solution that applies a label and foam pad and attaches an elastic band to the shield.

Rotary worktable with dispensers and elastic welding.

Customer needs:

The customer has two machines that produce face shields already. Capacity became too small during the Covid-19 pandemic, however, which challenged the technical capacities of the machines.

The customer wanted to apply a label to the front and a foam pad to the back of a transparent PVC shield, and needed to weld an elastic band to the shield.

The Solution:

We designed a system machine with a rotary worktable, a shield storage unit, two Elmoprint SDA dispensers, a workstation with cutting and ultrasonic welding of an elastic band, and an outflow belt.

The unit processes thirty ready-to-wear shields a minute.

Click her for an introduction to Elmoprint SDA dispensers.

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