An ideal program for designing labels and layouts for your stretch wrap.

User-friendly software that gets you off to a quick start on designing a layout that sells your product.

CLARiSOFT® is a tool for designing print jobs for ICE equipment.

It is user-friendly and intuitive: Just insert the fields with the elements that you want the print job to be made up of,

such as fixed text fields (such as a heading), date fields, time, counters, graphics (such as company logo, warning labels or other symbols and icons), lines, frames, boxes and barcodes. The text fields can also be text sections (such as lists of ingredients) or you can make designs with variable fields, such as a batch number or date.

Before sending your design to be printed, you can preview it on screen first, of course, so you can adapt it until you are satisfied with the layout.

All ICE printers have sufficient memory for storing many designs and recipes, so a computer and a printer do not need to be connected all the time, but you transfer your designs via a USB or Ethernet port.

CLARiSOFT® enables you to create print jobs via the printers’ control panel from a database and add variable information.

You can prepare designs to be used by:

  • Inkjet printers
  • Thermal transfer printers
  • Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers
  • Print-and-apply solutions

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