Jam jars.

Labelling of front, back and lids of cylindrical and oval jars.

The labels are applied in a master/backup solution.

Customer needs:

The customer wanted to label the front, back and lid of cylindrical and oval jam jars.

They wanted the unit to run 24/7 at high-capacity output. Few stoppages and a high degree of certainty that all jars are labelled.

The Solution:

We designed a system machine with Elmoprint SDA dispensers at all three positions (front, back and top labels). The dispensers are fitted with a pull-out function that enables fast and easy label roll replacement. Two dispensers are linked to all three positions to serve interchangeably as backup.

The machine is fitted with luminescence sensors that monitor whether the primary dispensers have applied a label. If they haven’t, the secondary dispensers take care of applying the missing labels instead. This increases the chances of detecting a missing label on the label web, and increases uptime because the customer doesn’t have to stop the production line to change label rolls.

The input to the labelling system is controlled by two heavy-duty side belts that separate and space the jars and monitor the queue of jars to keep an eye on any congestion on the production line’s subsequent conveyor belt.

To change over between products, the operator selects a new recipe and makes a few adjustments on the equipment.

The oval jars are labelled with front and back labels. The jars pass through a set of side belts that keep them facing in the right direction, after which labels are dispensed from each side of the line.

The round-jar label is wrapped all the way around each jar: these jars also pass side belts and, as they are being rotated, the labels are dispensed and a rotating sponge ensures that the label is firmly applied to the jar.

Regardless of jar type, the jars then pass yet another dispenser that applies a label to the lid. The jar’s position can be rotated so the top label is positioned specifically in relation to the side label.

All side rotation belts have a frequency transformer enabling even minor speed adjustments to be set and saved under the recipe for the respective types of jar.

The unit labels 240 jars/minute.

Click  her for an introduction to Elmoprint SDA dispensers.

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