Hot-stamp coders.

Reliable, ideal solution for damp, cold or dusty environments.

Hot-stamping is a reliable, ideal solution if your production environment is damp, cold or dusty, or if electronic printing is unsuitable.
The investment and maintenance costs of hot-stamping machines are attractive and the machines provide sharp, easily legible prints.

The development and maintenance of hot-stamping machines is part of our DNA, and they are still capable of doing things that modern technologies cannot: work fast and precisely in cold, wet and dusty production environments.

The underlying principle of hot-stamping is that a heated metal stamp presses a coloured stamping foil against an item so the colour from the foil is deposited on the stretch wrap or label.

Hot-stamping is well-suited for prints large and small, such as blood bags, salt-water bags and other products in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The stamping foil is available in countless colours, lengths and widths and contains an adhesive that solidifies almost instantly. The colour does not bleed and is not soluble in water or fat.

The metal stamp is designed and built-up with a printing block and type sorts. And if you want traceability, you combine the stamp with a numbering machine. Naturally, you can use multiple printing blocks for the same stamping set-up.

We manufacture the machines in aluminium and stainless steel, and you can order a rack or other mounting equipment if you wish to install the stamping set-up into your packing machine or label dispenser.

No matter if you choose the M-30 – which is a small compact model that can be built into your production line or used as a tabletop model for manual operation, or the bigger models (M-40, M-80, M-100, M-150 or M-200, i.e. with bigger printed area and higher printing pressure), that are typically built into packing machines – you will get the best prints on the market. You get all this for a limited investment, and the stamping foils are inexpensive.


For difficult-to-print product surfaces.

The M-30 gives you a small, compact hot stamping machine that meets your need for printing dates, batch numbers, etc.

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M-40, 80, 100, 150 & 200.

Fantastic prints at low cost.

Hot stamping is ideal for products with a demanding surface or shape.

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