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– and here’s your solution!

Sometimes, things have to move fast. And then there are other times when fast is not fast enough.

This situation is far too common at Meditec, which manufactures and supplies cast plastic components for the pharmaceutical industry. Because when a world-wide pandemic suddenly turns the world topsy turvy, you have to act faster than fast, and this places rigorous demands on your partners and suppliers.

“We landed an urgent contract for a large order of Covid testing kits. Things were actually quite calm when we suddenly had to turbocharge and deliver far more than we’d expected,” Meditec Project Manager Morten Gefke Hansen explains.

This task required a packaging machine with a built-in printer solution, so the company began cooperation with Elmoprint, somewhat ‘by chance’ through a supplier who already used Elmoprint as an external supplier.

As the contract was temporary, it was a huge deal for a small company like Meditec to invest multiple millions of kroner in equipment here and now.

At the same time, the unforeseen challenge meant there simply wasn’t time to do things in the usual way, so alternative solutions were needed.

“Elmoprint quickly rose to the challenge,” says Morten, outlining a process that surpassed all expectations.

Meditec leased a packaging machine, but what about the printer component? Until then, Elmoprint had only sold products, but never leased them. But as Morten recalls word for word, Elmoprint replied: “This isn’t something we usually do, but in these times nothing is usual.”

No sooner said than done. “They simply delivered the printing equipment without actually getting a signature or anything else whatsoever. This is exactly what you want from your business partner: they resolved our problems right there and then, and we worked out all the dreary details afterwards,” Morten explains.

“We worked it all out and subsequently entered into a payment agreement.” Morten believes having agile, solution-oriented partners is crucial for a small company like Meditec.

“When a small company like ours is growing at lightning speed, we need partners who understand our needs and workflows and configure the solutions for us. Elmoprint excels at this. It’s just boom da dee boom bop and here’s your solution.”

Stepping up to the plate when it counts and wanting the best for your customers are two of the excellent qualities Morten recognises in Elmoprint.

Like a family visit
In addition to a printer solution for Covid testing kits, Elmoprint has also supplied a printer for a packing machine at Meditec, and Elmoprint is also designing a solution that will replace all the company’s label printers with an Elmoprint solution.

“It’s all so easy and effortless, and Elmoprint takes everything into account. They help out with all the details, which saves us a lot of time,” Morten says.

He remembers the first day that Elmoprint visited the company as characteristic of their cooperation.

“The very first time they had to help us, technicians from Elmoprint and another supplier visited us. It was like a real family get-together – like a pleasant gathering where everyone was helping each other every which way. They have excellent qualifications and are truly pleasant to work with. It was as if we’d known each other for ages.”

Morten looks forward to cooperating with Elmoprint for a long time to come.

“It’s an agile undertaking that exists for the sake of its customers.”

Morten Gefke Hansen

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