On a film web in a pouch packer.

Precise, reliable marking and labelling of pouches in vertical and stand-up pouch packers.

If you use preprinted labels, if you use labels that are printed during the packing process or if you want to print directly on the pouch, we can manufacture the equipment to meet your needs.


The system is fully synchronised with the pouch-packer, to ensure that the labels are accurately and precisely positioned, without air pockets or folds.

The labels are applied using equipment built up around our Elmoprint SDA Dispenser. You can read more about the dispenser’s configuration, specifications and possibilities here.

We configure the unit to fit into your packing machine – both for vertical bag packers and stand-up pouch packers.

Vertical bag packers:

For vertical bag packers, we design a rack that fits into the existing unit. The rack is often a ‘round the world’ rack and after the unwinding of the stretch wrap, the label is placed on the correct side of the film.

In confined spaces, we design a version mounted at a 90° angle in relation to the stretch wrap web and where the label tongue receives the label web via a roller system that turns the label web through a 90° angle. The process involved in this solution takes place just before the filling and sealing process.

Stand-up pouch packers:

For stand-up pouch packers, we usually install the labelling solution directly into the packing machine as separate pouches are being conveyed past the dispenser.

The solution is constructed with an active substrate that is pulled away from the pouch once the label is dispensed.

Each label is dispensed onto a suction cup bar. The suction cup bar is moved from the label tongue to the pouch where the label is applied to the pouch. A pneumatic backstop is mounted behind the pouch to provide proper support as the label is applied.


The solutions are designed exactly according to your needs so you can choose a range of optional functions and facilities.

For instance, we can install two dispensers on the equipment if more than one label needs to be applied to your product.


The dispenser is controlled by a lightning-speed motion controller, whose settings are entered on an HMI touchscreen. The settings for the respective products are saved as recipes, which enables quick change-over for different types of stretch wrap and labels on the same line.

The unit can also be controlled by selecting external recipes and it can be incorporated into the general line control.

Dispenser advantages:

  • Stable and reliable, even in harsh manufacturing environments (IP66 rating)
  • Touchscreen for which all user settings are set and saved as recipes
  • Two servomotors can be mounted for electronically adjustable web tension for plastic labels. This maintains constant tension on the label roll while taking account of the fact that the backing paper can give way during rapid acceleration
  • Simple to operate during format changeover and it manages 99 recipes
  • Maximises uptime
  • Guarantees high capacity and unparalleled precision


Label widths of up to

60, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm

Label lengths of up to

500 mm

Label roll dimensions of up to

300 or 400 mm, depending on the dispenser model

Speeds of up to

56 m/min.


± 0.2 mm, depending on label and film quality

 Printing solution:

Another popular solution is to mount a printing solution on the dispenser for printing a date, batch no., list of ingredients, logo or other data on the labels.

Hot-stamp coders
Thermal transfer printers
Inkjet printers

If you want to print directly on the bag, we also have a solution for this.

Be inspired:

The solutions seen below depict the various principles.

The dispensers are configured for customers’ specific labelling tasks.

We will gladly supply a custom solution for you.

Pouch packer solutions.

Label dispenser with a pull-out unit.

90° angled dispenser for confined spaces.

Label dispenser in a 'Round the world' rack.

In-built into a vertical bag packer.

Label dispenser for stand-up pouches.

Pneumatic backing as the label is dispensed.

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