Standard solutions.

Wide selection of accessories.

Easy to operate and reliable with minimal maintenance needs.

If your needs tend toward a modular standard solution, we provide labelling machines from one of our excellent sector colleagues.

Our partner undertaking was founded in 1980 and – like us – has a modern production facility with the capacity to mass produce its machines, without compromising reliability, servicing intervals, operation, ergonomics or delivery times.

We are pleased to provide advice about the various solutions and we install and service this equipment. Needless to say, we also manufacture a rack if you want the solution to include a printer.


  • Driven by a stepper motor
  • Controlled by a microprocessor
  • Operated via a touchscreen
  • Easy to integrate into the production line

Complete labelling systems:

  • Wrap-around
  • Bottom
  • Side
  • Top and bottom
  • Top


  • Feeder
  • Conveyor belt
  • Product separator
  • Counters
  • Scanner
  • Encoder
  • Sensors

Please contact us so we can find a solution that meets your needs for labelling – and possibly printing.

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