Heat stamping foil.

Everything you need for your hot-stamp coder.

Heat-stamping foils in the colours, qualities and dimensions you need – including printing blocks and type sorts.

Heat stamping foil

The underlying principle of heat-stamping is that a hot metal stamp presses a stamping foil against an item, depositing the foil’s colour on the product.

No matter if you print on plastic film, aluminium foil, labels, parchment, paper, carton, leather or wood, we can help you find a foil that results in the best quality.

Our heat-stamping foil is non-toxic and available in food-product-approved quality – and we issue MSDS and CoC certificates if traceability is an important element of your production process.

We deliver foils for environments such as dairies and slaughterhouses, but also for production processes in the food and stimulants sectors, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics industry and the graphic arts sector.

To ensure top quality and firm uniform rolls, we wind our own foils in exactly the colour, grade, length and width that you need.

Black is a popular colour but we also have other colours of stamping foil in our product range, including gold and silver.

If your brand has a custom colour, we can make special colours – all you have to do is ask.

You are welcome to order sample rolls so you can test the foils on your production line, but you are also welcome to send a few products to us so we can make sample prints.

Our comprehensive heat-stamping expertise comes from our background in imprinting equipment as it was our core business when we were founded back in 1968, and for the same reason we obviously supply type sorts, print blocks and holders for these.

Printing blocks, typeholders and type sorts

Type sorts, printing blocks and/or numbering machines for hot-stamp coding are placed in a typeholder. The advantage of type sorts is that they is easy to replace and combine.

Typeholders are designed to meet your specifications and are registered with serial numbers.

Standard type sorts come in brass in font heights of 2, 3, 3.8 and 5 mm, and are ideal for the hot-stamp coding of dates, lot and batch numbers and short texts.

We stock a wide selection of standard type sorts, so we can deliver overnight. We manufacture type sorts of every kind on request, such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Chinese text, or small labels such as oval labels (EEC numbers) for dairies and slaughterhouses. Steel type, T-track type sorts and type sorts for printing on concave, convex or spherical substrates are also available.

A printing block is used to imprint logos, labels, barcodes and long texts (such as lists of ingredients): it is a 4 mm, etched or engraved magnesium or brass plate.

It is possible to combine type sorts, printing blocks and numbering machines on the same typeholders, and the holder’s non-thermal-conductive handle enables easy removal from the printer, so you can replace type sorts and/or printing blocks.

For date coding or lot and batch numbering, i.e. printing only a single line in a predefined format, it is beneficial for you to use a numbering machine with wheels that can easily be rotated for simpler adjustment, compared with having to replace type sorts.

Let us can help you if you need type sorts for blind-stamping in cardboard, as this makes special demands on the shape and hardness of the type sorts.


Heat stamping foil.

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