Snuff tins.

Quality machine with extreme accuracy.

Compact machine that dispenses three labels and rejects cans with incorrectly attached lids.

Customer needs:

The customer had just merged and its new owners imposed strict quality demands for packaging and labelling.

The equipment had to label small round snuff tins on the top, bottom and around the sides of each tin.

The Solution:

We developed a compact machine with extremely precise labelling and, as the customer has stated, “We could have bought something that cost twice as much but not of the same quality. So it was undoubtedly the best solution for us.”

The tins are fed into a carousel that feeds the products around and up to the side-labelling machine.

The tins are then guided out onto a longitudinal belt where two side belts hold them in place. The top and bottom labels are applied to the tins while they are held by the side belts.

The dispensers are fitted with a loop to ensure the best possible belt tension and precision.

A printer is mounted on the labelling line to add product details.

The machine is equipped with a laser meter that handles the rejection of tins if a lid is missing or incorrectly attached. The machine includes format sets that make it possible to handle multiple types of tins.

The solution produces 130 tins/minute and the labels are dispensed with a precision of ±0.3 mm and ±0.4 mm respectively.

We have subsequently delivered an additional eight machines to the customer.

Click here for an introduction to Elmoprint SDA dispensers.

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