Print and apply labels in a single workflow.

Durable, user-friendly solutions for small production units and large-scale industries alike – at affordable prices.

If you are looking for equipment that prints the label and applies it to your product, you should consider our print-and-apply solutions.

A variety of possibilities are available, depending on whether you want to apply the label to the top, bottom, side or front or wrap it around your product.

Our models print/stamp, blow on or wipe on the label, and the equipment is easy to adapt to the speed of your production line.

You can print texts, numbers, graphics and barcodes, and you can print variable information such as batch numbers.

You design your own labels with user-friendly software which enables you to easily switch between product data.

If you need a customised solution that fits perfectly with your production line, then click your way to our SDA dispensers that we customise to meet your needs.

ICE Vulcan.

Vulcan print/apply for direct printing and dispensing of labels on the side, top or bottom of your product.

Integrated thermal transfer printer and dispenser. One of the market’s most efficient and flexible print/apply solutions. Available with 53, 107 and 160 mm print head.

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ICE Vulcan Tamp.

The Tamp model prints the label on the top, side or bottom of your product.

It is designed with an air cylinder that adjusts the spacing and is one of the market’s most efficient, flexible print/apply solutions.

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ICE Vulcan Corner Wrap.

This device wraps the label around the corner of your product with great precision.

This Vulcan printer prints and applies labels in one continuous movement, while maximising your uptime and productivity and minimising your risk of label errors.

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ICE Vulcan Front of Pack.

The label is positioned with great precision on the front of your product.

This Vulcan printer prints and applies labels at the same time to maximise uptime and eliminates your risk of label errors.

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Valentin ILX og APX 7000.

Robust, fast and flexible modular print/apply solution with multiple dispensing options.

You design your own label layout (using NiceLabel software, for instance) which you transfer to the printer via a network or USB drive.

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Valentin APL 100.

Reliable, compact, user-friendly and modular print/apply solution.

The applicator applies labels that have just been printed and, depending on the task, selects the preferred tool for transferring the labels.

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