On a film web in flow packs.

Precise, reliable labelling of products packed in a horizontal flow packer.

If you use preprinted labels, labels that are printed during the packing process or if you want to print directly on the film web, we can manufacture the equipment to meet your needs.

The system is fully synchronised with the packing machine and applies labels to the film web before your products are wrapped in the film, even in tight spaces.

The motion speed of the stretch wrap is continuously measured and constantly synchronised. This ensures that labels are accurately and precisely positioned, without air pockets or folds.

Our solutions manage both top-seal and back-seal film webs and we serve customers in the baking, meat packing and confectionery industries – in Denmark and abroad.

The labels are applied using equipment built up around our Elmoprint SDA Dispenser. You can read more about the dispenser’s configuration, specifications and possibilities here.

The space available is often crucial for installing a dispenser underneath the input belt, directly into a flow packer and above the input belt or alongside the flow packer.

We meticulously design the unit to meet your needs so if there isn't room under the input belt, for instance, we propose a solution with an unwinder worktable. This unwinds the stretch wrap, applies labels, prints labels and delivers the stretch wrap to the packing machine.

You can choose to use one or two stretch-wrap unwinders.

We can also install two dispensers on the equipment if more than one label needs to be applied to your product.

If you want to print the date, list of ingredients, or other details on your labels, we integrate a printer into the system.

If you want to print directly on the film web itself, we also have a solution for this.

Label widths of up to

60, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm

Label lengths of up to

500 mm

Label roll dimensions of up to

300 or 400 mm, depending on the dispenser model

Speeds of up to

56 m/min.


± 0.2 mm, depending on label and film quality

Dispenser placed under the input belt on a back-seal flow packer.

Compensates for confined space on the production line and upholds Elmoprint’s renowned high quality and precision.

An excellent solution for lines without space for integrating a label application process and a printer directly into the flow packing machine.

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Dispenser placed above the input belt on a top-seal flow packer.

Exchanging signals with the rest of the production line is a matter of course – as is IP66 protection and recipe management.

The solution impeccably dispenses labels and prints on stretch wrap.

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Dispenser with a 90° angle integrated into a back-seal flow packer.

Significant repeatability and dispensing without air bubbles under the label.

Even in spaces with minimal space for integrating a labelling and printing solution, this unit can be adapted to the flow packer.

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Dispenser mounted on unwinder table for back-seal and top-seal flow packers.

The labels are precisely and rapidly dispensed onto the stretch wrap before it is fed into the packing machine.

This extraordinary labelling unit is often mounted at a right angle to the flow wrapper and can be supplemented by a printing solution.

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