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NiceLabel promotes itself as a leading developer of software for designing labels and print jobs. And they’re right!

Regardless of whether you need to use the design application for one, several or many printers, NiceLabel has versions that can manage your tasks.

The program has many functions and enables you to centralise and standardise your labelling process. You get a simple, yet flexible user interface that is easy to navigate if you are accustomed to using MS Office. One benefit is that while you have access to the complete program package when designing the label, your colleague uses a much simpler part of the application to print the label.

You can prepare templates, and NiceLabel can extract data and barcodes from databases or your own ERP system, so if data is modified in these places, the data on the print job will be updated, too.  If you modify a label, the system will automatically form a new revised version so you can always return to the original.

The application can be installed on your network, but it is also available as a cloud-based solution. Both solutions are easy to upgrade.

As a designer, you get access to all the program’s building blocks: text fields, date fields, time, counters, graphics (such as company logo, warning labels or other symbols and icons), lines, frames, boxes , lines, barcodes and QR codes. The solution enables comprehensive, formattable texts (such as lists of ingredients).

All you need is a few clicks to print your designs.

The program is compatible with the vast majority of printers on the market and reduces the risk of error, enhances flexibility and optimises printing and labelling efficiency.

A wide selection of standard templates enables you to get off to an easy start and make sure that your designs meet relevant official requirements. You have access to instruction videos and help functions in the program and on NiceLabel’s website.

By subscribing to a NiceLabel service agreement, you get 24/7 support, and the agreement also includes future software updates.

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