Our history.

We’ve been around a long time...

... and we keep up with the times.

Our history.

In 1968, our founder Ellegaard Mogensen developed a fast, compact and reliable hot stamping machine after identifying a need in the food industry to label the products on their packing lines. The hot-stamper was built into the automatic packing machines and was manually operated.

Our imprinting works gradually became automated, and multiple models were made available. The machinery quickly gained a reputation for its high quality, both in Denmark and abroad, and when Jens Storm-Nielsen took over the company in 1986, the aim was to enlarge the business to include other types of machinery for stamping, printing and labelling. 

This trend has continued: We patented our cross-web labelling system; we developed our technology to process resealable packaging; we relocated our business into newer, more spacious facilities; we enlarged our distributor network, and we have remained inquisitive, creative and inventive.

In 2016, the company was transferred to Tim Storm, and we continue to develop rapid, precise and reliable machinery. Our primary focus is still on labelling equipment, but we also develop machinery to meet other needs.

Where are we headed?

Our back catalogue in the industry already goes back more than fifty years. We are quite proud of this and take pride in upholding our traditional values, craftsmanship and level of service, while keeping up with trends and being a leader in terms of the latest technologies.

We guarantee quality solutions, and we are growing rapidly. That’s why the next natural step on our journey is to widen our international reach.

We look forward to many more years in the industry, to stimulating challenges and to cooperating with customers big and small in Denmark and abroad – new and existing undertakings alike.

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