Elmoprint SDA labelling.

Quality solutions that fit in perfectly with your production process.

Individually manufactured, sturdy, IP66 rated, servo-powered, precise and user-friendly – you get the lot.

The machinery is manufactured precisely as you prefer, but obviously it is made of basic elements and components. But you decide how the equipment has to work, how much space it should occupy, the other tools on your production line that it has to interact with, etc.

All machines are made at our own workshop and include our Servo-Driven Applicator.

They are constructed with sturdy, stable Elmoprint quality and withstand round-the-clock use, even in harsh environments.

All solutions are driven by servomotors and together with our precision motion controller, the controls position the label within 2/100th of a millimetre accuracy.

All belt speeds and dispenser settings can be controlled from a control panel, and the settings can be saved under recipes for faster product changeovers.

You can read much more about the underlying principles of Elmoprint SDA Label Dispensers here – and be inspired for different solutions by clicking below.

If your needs tend more towards a flexible, ready-made solution, we source equipment from one of our excellent colleagues in the sector.

About Elmoprint SDA Label Dispensers.

Check out the general specifications for our unrivalled labelling solutions.

We manufacture SDA label dispensers that meet the need for sturdiness, high operational reliability, precision and extreme speeds.

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Top, bottom and/or side of the item.

Labelling on the top, side or bottom of your product – or a combination of these options.

The top/side/bottom labelling unit applies self-adhesive labels to items like boxes, cups, trays, jars, bottles and cans.

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Labelling of cylindrical items – whether the product is round, conical, oval or made of soft/hard material.

The dispenser ensures completely precise label placement – whether the item is small, big, light or heavy.

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On a film web in flow packs

Solutions that label stretch wrap in both top seal and back seal flow packers.

Installation of dispensers above and below the input belt, directly into the flow packer, or alongside it.

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On a film web in a pouch packer.

Labels on film webs in vertical and stand-up pouch packers.

Fully synchronised with the pouch packer, and labels are dispensed without air bubbles or folds.

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Standard solutions.

Flexible, modularly structured standard range.

We also sell mass-produced, easy-to-operate and reliable labelling solutions.

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What customers say.

Swedish Match Denmark.

Elmoprint has become a seriously major player for Swedish Match Denmark.

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