About Elmoprint SDA Label Dispensers.

Unrivalled labelling of your product.

We manufacture our own label dispensers that we call servo-driven applicators, or SDA. They meet the need for unrivalled robustness, high operational reliability, enormous precision and extreme speeds – 24 hours a day – and everything is 100% quality Danish craftsmanship of high, recognised Elmoprint quality.

Quality and functionality

The stable, heavy-duty equipment is made at our workshop and is designed with quality components, a motion controller, 400 W servomotor, Ø400 mm label unwinder and motor rewinder for the backing paper to ensure fewer interruptions to replace rolls and maintain equipment.

The settings and selection of up to 99 different programs are controlled by a 5.7″ HMI touchscreen with intuitive operation. The various levels are password-protected, and the label dispenser, HMI and distribution cabinet are IP66 dustproof and watertight.

All types of labels are dispensed with high precision and intelligent speed control, which reduces the risk of crumpled labels or air pockets. Not only are the labels accurately positioned, the dispenser can operate quickly – at lightning speed.

Dispenser advantages

  • Stable and reliable because it is made of heavy-duty meterials
  • Well-suited for operating in harsh manufacturing environments (IP66)
  • Touchscreen for which all user settings are set and saved as recipes
  • Two servomotors can be mounted for electronically adjustable web tension for plastic labels. This maintains constant tension on the label roll while taking account of the fact that the backing paper can give way during rapid acceleration
  • Simple to operate during format changeover and it manages 99 recipes
  • Maximises uptime
  • Guarantees high capacity and unparalleled precision

We install the number of dispensers you need, no matter if your product needs to be labelled on the side, top, bottom or wrap-around – or a combination of these options – and the combined labelling line is still operated from only one control panel.


Whenever we configure a dispenser unit, we base our solutions on the production line’s quantitative needs and on the precision and speed requirements. A basic overview is depicted below.

Note that all dispensers can be controlled to within ±0.02 mm.

Needs Solution
Lowt/medium output

Powered by a 400 W servomotor with a belt for rewinding the backing paper.

Speed: 0–30 m/min.

Medium output

Powered by a 400 W servomotor with motorised rewinding of the backing paper.

Speed: 0–56 m/min.

High output

For tasks requiring high output and precision, our label dispensers are still driven by a 400 W servomotor, and include a built-in label loop: The label loop is filled up by a motorised label unwinder and the dispenser receives this from the loop. This ensures constant web tension at the label tongue.

The dispenser is configured with motorised rewinding of backing/liner paper.

Speed: 0–100 m/min.

Unrivalled accuracy and extreme speed.

We use two 400 W servomotors, one pushing the label web while the other pulls it. This provides the best control of the label web in the market and the best label placement in the industry. All while achieving speeds 40% higher than the loop solution.

The motors also provide electronically adjustable web tension, setting the parameters precisely between a narrow and wide label web, while simultaneously ensuring that the backing paper can release during rapid acceleration.

The unit has motorised unwinding of the label web and motorised rewinding of backing/liner paper.

Speed: 0–100 m/min.

Be inspired.

Obviously our SDA label dispensers are made of a few common basic elements, and we base our designs on a few standards, and, as you can see here on our website, we incorporate basic dispenser functions in a wide variety of machine types. This means we’re able to adapt them so the equipment is precisely aligned with your production process.


Elmoprint SDA Label Dispenser


It’s always good to have backup.

If you need to be able to replace a label roll while the line keeps running, you can choose a master/backup solution fitted with two identical dispensers. While the roller is being replaced on one dispenser, the other takes over the labelling process.

There are other benefits of having a backup dispenser, because it can ensure that labels are applied to all products, if it detects a label is missing on the label web, for instance. By having fluorescent material in the labels and a luminescence sensor mounted on the machine, the secondary dispenser will apply labels to any items that might have been skipped by the master dispenser.


The equipment will be exactly what you need.

There are countless ways to customise the dispenser, such as:

  • Verifying that the lid is correctly attached
  • Having a sensor to make sure the product is facing the right direction
  • Label application using pressure, vacuum or roller
  • Tool-free changeover to different product sizes and shapes
  • Tip-over protection
  • Counters
  • An eject solution whereby the equipment discards products that cannot be approved
  • Shielding
  • Height-adjustable worktable
  • Stack lights for easy overview of machinery status
  • Intermittent or continuous printing

Even if we haven’t done it before, we will develop the solution for you.


From low to extremely high speed.

We adapt our equipment to the speed of your production line. No matter if the speed is low, moderate or high, our dispensers will keep up, without compromising their razor-sharp precision. We can use two servomotors to pretension the label web. And, because the tension is recipe-controlled, it’s easy to change from one label to another. You can also get air-controlled brake arms as well as air axles for handling label rolls and backing paper.

With a Ø400mm high-speed dispenser, you get the best of everything: exceptional robustness, superior capacity, record-high speed and unrivalled precision.

Label roll dimensions.

As standard, we cater for label rolls of up to Ø400 mm, but we’re happy to configure our machines for larger rolls, too.

Our (standard) core diameter is Ø76 mm, but we can easily equip the dispenser with Ø40 mm or Ø44 mm.

The label-roll holder is easy to release using a pull-out wedge or an air-expanding shaft.

For continuous production, we recommend an auto-splice solution that automatically switches from an empty roll to a fresh roll of labels without stopping.

To avoid heavy label rolls, by the way, we recommend Ø300 mm rolls for labels that are more than 200 mm wide.

Unwinding and rewinding.

Should these be motorised or not?

When it comes to unwinding the label web and rewinding the backing paper, we offer a choice of two technologies:


A mechanical solution is excellent for handling small labels that are dispensed at a moderate pace.


A motorised electronic solution is excellent if you need to manage large label rolls or if you want a high-speed and/or high-precision dispenser.

Both options include an unwinder and rewinder that are synchronised with your tasks.


Printing on labels.

The equipment is configured for the mounting of thermal transfer printers and inkjet printers, so if your labels are not preprinted, if you want to enhance your flexibility, or if you wish to reduce the number of labels you have to stock, you can integrate a printer into the equipment. In so doing, you do your own printing of date, logo, list of ingredients, nutritional values, barcode or similar on the labels before they are applied to the products.

You can use your existing printer – or check whether one of our printers would be suitable for your task.

Otherwise, we have an enormous assortment of thermal transfer ribbons and inks, so something is bound to match your product.

Labelling & printing.


Individualised equipment.

Our range of equipment enables you to choose whether the label should be applied to the top, bottom, side or around an item, and whether you want to print data on the label.


Combined standard solution.

Print/apply equipment gives you a solution that meets the most basic needs for applying a label printed with product details.



A printer or hot stamping machine enables you to print details like the date, lot number or list of ingredients on your label or directly on your product.

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