Cold cuts folder.

Simultaneous processing of four cold-cut packs that are folded and labelled.

The unit folds cold-cut packs and applies two labels: One that seals the pack and one with production details. .

Customer needs:

The customer wanted an all-in-one solution for handling two types of packs of sliced cold cuts. The line had to be able to process sets of four packs:

One type of cold-cut pack had to be folded and labelled on two sides. The rear label had to be printed and was designed to seal the folded pack at the same time.

The other type came in different heights and varying weights. This pack did not have to be folded (a type known as a ‘Horeca’ pack).

The Solution:

We made a system machine comprising two Elmoprint SDA dispensers.

For each forward stroke, the machine receives two sets of two packs from the cold-cut packer, and any empty packs are rejected.

Four stations fold the packs twice/in two places. After being folded, the packs are placed on a conveyor belt running past the two label dispensers.

A pick-and-place solution pulls the Horeca packs directly onto the conveyor belt for the label dispensers.

The bottom-side dispenser is fitted with a printer that labels the packs with a list of ingredients, date, batch no., etc.

The folding machine and dispensers are controlled by a shared HMI touchscreen in which processing recipes for the individual product types can be stored.

The machine processes 48 packs a minute.

Click her for an introduction to Elmoprint SDA dispensers.

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