Compact hot stamp coder for mounting in label dispensers and in dry enviroments

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M30 Hot-stamp coder for labels

The M30 is a small, compact hot-stamp coder that meets the need for printing dates, batch numbers, etc.

The M-30 has built-in control of encoding time and heat, and it is also designed to be built into all types of packing machines and label dispensers.

The installation can be horizontal, vertical or upside down.
With a single motion, the hot-stamp coder can be rotated 360° on its own axis.
Elmoprint can deliver printers built into a frame where the print can be offset both transversely and longitudinally.

The M-30 is available in two versions:

  • With a cassette for fast and easy replacement of hot-foil rolls
  • With a built-in counter-pressure plate – useful for encoding manually inserted boxes and other small objects

Hot-stamp coding is often the best coding method for difficult product surfaces and shapes.


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Images of M30

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Did you know that...?

Despite the widespread digitisation of our modern world, hot-stamp coding is still the best coding method for difficult product surfaces and shapes.

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