ICE Kestrel

Ideal for small labeling tasks on packaging films and labels

ICE Kestrel

Improves efficiency and makes it easier to label products that are not the same size and shape.

The printer is easy to operate, saves foil, is dependable and extremely reliable. - ICE Kestrel has the same quality and reliability as ICE Pegasus, but is also an updated version with slightly more valuable properties.

  • Does not use compressed air
  • 32mm printhead, 200 dpi
  • Writing area of 32x100mm (flowpack) or 32x47mm (intermittent)
  • Print speed of 40-500mm / sec (flowpack) or 50-300mm / sec (intermittent)
  • Simple and quick replacement of foil so production must not be stopped unnecessarily
  • Easy to change label design
  • 5 "LCD color touchscreen
  • Easy to build into existing packing line - available as both right and left model and can be mounted in any direction
  • Maintenance is done quickly

Increased reliability in printing simple labeling tasks that include text, graphics and the most common barcodes.

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ICE Kestrel

Did you know that?

You can control the ICE Kestrel printer by Bluetooth®

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