Zodiac Hawk

Extremely fast and controls its own print quality

Zodiac Hawk

Great reliability and easy to use

The world's first thermal transfer printer that compares the used ribbon with the print layout, to check that print quality is fine.

The printer gives you a notice if the print is damaged, eg if the printhead or foil is damaged.

  • Prints up to 500 units per minute
  • 53x75mm (intermittent) or 53x300mm (flowpack) writing shelf
  • Print speed of 10-1000mm / sec (intermittent) or 1-1000mm (flowpack)
  • Supplied as right and left model, - and can be mounted in any direction
  • 8 "color LCD touch screen
  • Printer texts, graphics and barcodes
  • Handle foil rolls at 1,200 meters to minimize downtime

You get improvements in production because the equipment can report performance, reliability and print quality..

Recommended to print on packaging films and labels.

The Zodiac Hawk is ideal for printing on eg snacks, fruit, vegetables, bread, cakes, cheese, frozen food or pharmaceutical products. 

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Zodiac Hawk

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