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NiceLabel 2019 is a Windows-based label design application that supports alle types of printers.

NiceLabel is a labelling software with a wide range of solutions to help you achieve improvements and productivity in the labelling processes.

NiceLabel is at global software solution provider and you get simple and flexible user interfaces. The software reduces the risik of errors, increases flexibility and optimizes printing and labelling efficiency.

NiceLabel is similar to tools you already know (eg Word) and the smart thing is, that while you access the entire software when designing the label, your colleague uses a much simpler part of the tool when printing the label.

As a designer you have access to all the building blocks of the program: Fixed text, fields, date fields, times, counters, graphics (eg company logo, warning marks or other symbols and icons), lines, frames, boxes and bar codes. The text also can be text sections (eg ingredient lists).

There is also a comprehensive selection of standard templates that ensure that you get startet easily and that your label meet relevant legal requirements. Both through the software and NiceLabel's website you have access to instructional videos and help.


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