Valentin APL100

Compact, modular print-and-apply solution

Valentin APL100

Valentin APL100 is a fast and reliavle print-and-apply moudle for the compa II printer.

The APL100 print-and-apply module has different tools for applying labels to products so it fits the task..

The label is printed and placed on a vacuum plate for “tamp on”, “blow on” or “roll on”.

The entire process is automatically monitored by sensors to ensure that labels are applied to all products.

The APL100 can be precisely adjusted for each specific task:

  • PriPrinting speed
  • Support air
  • Vacuum
  • Adjustable speed and increasing speed on vacuum sheet

The APL100 is very flexible and it can be programmed via the I/O card, enabling the APL100 module to be built into other units.


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Valentin APL100

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