ICE Torus+

Box marking for bulk production, saving about 50% compared to marking with labels

ICE Torus+

The ICE Torus+ inkjet printer is ideal for inline marking of cardboard packaging or other materials with a porous substrate.

It can be connected to an external touch screen that can be placed in a convenient operator-friendly position, e.g. protected by safety shielding.

The inkjet printer can print with oil-based ink directly on porous substrates such as cardboard, paper, corrugated cardboard, styrene and wood, and it can print all types of information: e.g. expiry dates, time, date, lot number, fixed/variable text, barcodes, graphics and logos, as well as counter data and product information.

  • Inkjet printers can largely replace labelling technology, with high print quality, lower costs and digital online coding.
  • ICE Torus+ is available with print heads in three different sizes: 17 mm, 52 mm and 70 mm.
  • ICE Torus+ can be configured for a master/slave set-up where all printers are controlled from the same touch screen. The master/slave capability can be used for multi-surface coding of packaging, for instance.

ICE Torus+ has an automatic self-cleaning system to protect print heads against dust, fragments and particles, which can otherwise increase downtime and worsen the print quality.

  • Unique self-cleaning print head system (patented)
  • No ink waste (mess), no preheating time, no production stoppages for manual cleaning
  • Efficient ink utilisation minimises the price per print
  • No deteriation of print quality
  • Large touch screen with simple and easy access for switching jobs, information, text and graphics
  • Oil-based ink, provides barcode classes A–C on white surfaces and B–D on brown 


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ICE Torus

Did you know that...?

ICE Torus+ has a small reserve supply of ink that enables the printing to continue while the ink cartridge is being replaced.

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